Friday, December 9, 2011

Freaky Frank friday!

Are there more CF fenders in Holland then in the rest of the world!?? don't know, but here is another from Niels! Dubbed the Frankenstein (now it needs a paintjob to complement that name Niels!) and is clearly a work in progress and the typical Dutch garden build! Bars are from PangeaSpeed, molded tank by Groovy Cycles, CFF, and some aftermarket oil tank. And the 35mm wide glide trees were already on the bike and were a popular item in the 80s
Plans are to get some lower shocks and maybe a round swingarm, to get that stance right.

Get that wheel in original shape Niels! get that black stuff off the highlighted area!

Nice and heavy molding
Nice spagetthi Niels, I guess you wont do any driving soon, right!??
*many children and small animals were harmed with that huge beltdrive* another 90s hickup!

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  1. nice... i'm a fan of 3 inch belts as long as they aren't around a lady's waist. sweet bondo work and the CFE is a kick in the pants.