Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Motorcycle blues

It has been a little quiet on the motorcycle front here lately in the ZZchop garage, the chopper is down due to failure of the electronic ignition and I'm thinking of selling the big brown garbage wagon... (in favor af a FXR!)

It really is so much fun to drive, because it is so low, it feels like you're in a slammed lowrider or something! The whole exhaust scrapes through corners and over speed bumps!

It's ridiculous! a big smile every time i see this big butt!
Really everyone should build a dresser once in their lives, the longer the ass the better it is! (If I had a spine and see through this project) I would extend that backend at least 25 inches!


  1. One of the coolest rides, totally got lowrider effect on it, perfect .

  2. Thanks Jude! sadly I sold the beast, but will definatly build another