Monday, August 29, 2011

"The Experiment!"

Finally got time to pick up my frame that was 2 degrees deraked by Chris "Caveman" from Belgium.
With sticks and straws a mockup was created! This wasn't meant to become a seriously driven bike, but seeing this mockup, I'm not too sure on that! I'll have to grow a money tree I guess...engines, tranny's and drumwheels don't come cheap in these lands... Or offer up the full dresser!??

That stance looks killer! and according to Chris's measurements, it's gonna have good handling!


  1. Hey Tjebbe,

    Is da voorwiel up for sale?

  2. not quite my style, but it will handle a lot better as you will think..

    on the other hand...
    it sucks.. part it out!
    B-Vocabulary will take the wheel and i will take the springer struts.
    we will help you out!

    (just kidding.. although the struts would fit my digger nicely! LOL)

  3. nice! build it man, part the dresser and go for it!


  4. Dresser out indeed. Nice work leepuh. You're a designer!