Saturday, August 6, 2011


Capt. Cal is making an animated movie for his senior thesis 3d animation, Rene (from Dago's speed shop) and myself won the contest to have ourselves made in 3D as part of the biker crew where the story is about! Calvin posted these yesterday and I nearly fell of my seat!!! This is so f*ckin awesome!

Check out how his movie "the Requiem Ride" evolves here:

According to Cal, my bike was very difficult to make, especially the Frank's fender, all the details are amazing, like the stickers on the battery cover, the patches on my jacket down to the glasses I'm wearing!
 Here are some more of the bike itself

Rene's low early shovel
and some other movie stars!

I"m really honered to be a part of this! Can't wait to see the progress and all hands down for the Captain!


  1. Cool!!! Ziet er goed uit Tjeb. Geniet in Italië. Misschien word je daar ook nog gecartoond...hihi.
    Greets Loes en Maus