Monday, July 11, 2011

Fairing wanted

anyone got a fairing like this they want to sell? if so, email me
preferably it's in the USA (it's for a friend of mine)

Here is some more very usefull info by Tan Dawg:

That's a tough one... Australian made by La Parisenne (or something like that) they are out of business but another company- Replico- makes an almost exact duplicate: I got a quote from them a few years ago and they were actually fairly reasonable. Like $600 at the time.

More info here:
I've heard the Japanese company (Whitehouse) is hard to communicate with but they got some cool stuff for sure. If you or your friend knew someone in Japan they might be able to help source it.

Also I found this: Guy is supposed to offer the fairings in the us- email adress:
The tail piece is easy- I have one from Airtech- it's a Vesco and it's almost an exact copy of the ones from the movie.
Hope this helps for what it's worth.


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  1. This faring is clled a AMAROO, and was producded in Australia in the 70s early 80s, good luck. - MC Dreamer.