Wednesday, March 2, 2011

The original hotdog machine!

Got an email from "uncle Frank" recently with this cool build:
"Before I built this, I'd never changed a spark plug. The engine was a 750 Honda mated to a Harley police trike rear axle in a DLG custom frame. The front end was a 36 inch over-stock Harley Wide Glide unit. The hot dog steamer and condiment rack were custom made stainless steel. Other features included an ice chest, air horn and AM/FM/Cassette player (for playing hot dog music). This photo was shot in a local park while I stood watch in case a Park Ranger came by (it was meant for "Easy Riders" but... ). Unfortunately, it was wrecked after only a few days and there were only a few photos."
too bad! I love these kind of outrageous builds! 36 over wide glide, how cool!
Frank is the mastermind behind: