Sunday, October 10, 2010

pretty cool

evo styled chop


  1. Nice bike indeed.
    (Hate the seat and pipes...)

  2. If that's the same bike there were two done like it. One was in orange and both were painted and assembled by Jeff Mccann. They were then sold in Oakland at Bob Dron Harley-Davidson. The stock HD pipes were a necessity due to emissions. I was lucky enough to ride the orange one. It was equipped with a springer and was just as sweet looking as the blue one. Jeff told me "If your going to sell them you should know what they ride like". He didn't have to tell me twice!

  3. that's a cool history BMX, i think they were built halfway thru the nineties am I correct?
    Absolutely stunning paintwork...

  4. I want to say 97/98 but I may be off a little. The paint was really stunning up close. Mccann really is a master. Building those bikes at that time was a really ballsy move as "old school" was certainly not the look of the day.