Sunday, September 12, 2010

swingarm Honda digger


  1. That's my girder! Does anyone happen to know the manufacturer of this front end? The forward blades where the axle mounts are what make it unique. Any info on this front end would be much appreciated. This is only the third one I've ever seen including my own. I'll send a t-shirt and stickers to anyone who can prove who made it!

  2. TAFKAT, hahahaha!
    But seriously, he's got gold in his workshop. We need to pile up the pressure for him to get to building again! Let's chain him to his welding machine and feed him only crackers and water untill it's done!

  3. @Heroin, Danny F. knows for sure, he mostly hangs out at the Jockey Journal, his shirt size is a XL!

    @Bart, yes he does! he needs to be smacked into reality with a short blow to the head!