Wednesday, September 29, 2010

HUGE inspiration!

Mind boggling, this cool machine. It looks deraked, but is it? adjustable trees? can't tell...
If my bike resembles anything like this one, I'm happy!
yes, I know I look like him also!

Anybody has more pics of this one? please share!!!


  1. Im guessin stock rake with 8 over tubes? maybe 10? The look on that dudes face is priceless.

  2. Man, i think your bike is better ( just a little )!

  3. Cal: if you compare it to my own bike, it looks more deraked? I have 10" over in mine with stock trees...

    @Frisco: thanks!

  4. that was from some photos that a guy i worked with let me scan. all of them can be seen on the 4q blog. you'll have to search for them as it was awhile ago.

  5. That has got to be the fuglist thing I've seen in a long, long time. Looks like he ran into a wall!

    Different strokes...or rakes.