Sunday, August 22, 2010

What this blog is all about!!!

Hope you've been digging it since thus far!


  1. Hans Prost ZutphenAugust 23, 2010 at 12:37 AM

    Hey Tjebbe,
    Ha, that's a great post. I know exactly were it came from, it must been around '86 and pics were on the cover of the HighwayHawk catalog.
    Man, I stared at those pics for hours and dreamed about my Harley I would build someday...
    Two years later I rode a XS 650 in Santee frame with a looooong Jammer springer, apehanger, twisted sissybar and special paint all over.
    Great times!

  2. 1 of the coolest blogs,great pics, thank U.

  3. The bike in the middle is in a book, a swedish book, Tjeerd got from me. Black Gold... Rolling art...

    Yours is one of the few blogs left I check...
    mainly because your a sweetheart cuz baggers suck ;)

  4. Thanks guys!
    @Hans: you have a very good memory, that's correct, I've got that catalog you mean!

    how's your shovel coming along? preparing it for Rosmalen?

  5. @Niels: don't tell Tjeerd, but I've borrowed that book from him!!!!

    and yes, baggers suck big time, but dressers... RULE THEM ALL!