Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bay Area Honda digger

"Wild Cherry"by Billy Budde's Customs, San Leandro, CA.

Scan from July 1977 Choppers Magazine


  1. arrggghh! I love it!

  2. That's a Billy Bud creation from about 1980 or so. He made these frame and body kits. That's a glass body. He also made kit that made a 750 Honda run like a twin. He don't get any cred these days but he was a plyer just down the road from Arlens and BACC back in the day. I toured the place when I was bike shopping and almost bought one of those deals.

  3. I've scanned it from a '77 choppers magazine, you're right, its made by Billy Budde from san Leandro, CA. According to the article, the fiberglass body was made by Jack Golden (rad name!!!)
    Unfortunatly it's the best picture of the bike in the mag...