Wednesday, July 7, 2010

More Kelsey pics

and a valuable history lesson from cycledeliccycles! thanks John

"1st pic: 1st version of the bike; sans blower. "Long Gone"
2nd pic: Next version with Judson supercharger. "Mindblower"
3rd pic: Kelsey's famous Trump "The Ghost" 1971 SC cover (he did alot of Trumps)
4th pic: "The Ghost" centerfold from '71 article
5th pic: "Drag Trump" he did; article from Hot Bike mag
6th & 7th pic: "Drag Trump" recent pics (now with shocks replacing the OG struts)

Kelsey still has the Mindblower AND the Drag Trump. (No, they're NOT for sale!) He is my favorite builder of all time..his bikes and paintwork were unmatched...truly a chopper pioneer
. "

The picture numbers came out wacked by posting the pics, but I think you can tell which one what

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