Saturday, April 24, 2010

Don't laugh!!!

my old C50 moped is still alive! This was an ongoing project from age 17 & up! A friend of mine wanted a moped-tour tomorrow, so I got it out of storage, and it was running within 10 meters of pushing (on flat tires!) Changed out the gasline, changed the fluids & plug and it's all good to go! I've driven it across the streets now one time, and I still can't believe I used to ride this "chick magnet" all over the place!

It's still fun to have a bike that I've put so much love in at the time (despite it's appearence) and I think I will keep it around for decades to come! It used to have loads more crap hanging off of it on the rear, but that got lost along the line...

Tomorrow will be a blast, drinking beer while driving 40km /hour with a bunch of friends!


  1. Haahaaaaahaaa!!!

    Its clear that money will never buy class & creativity...

    Love that mean little fucker! I hope you don't mind that I post it on my blog.

    Cheers mate

  2. Honda's C50/90 will also survive along with cockroaches and Twinkie bars at Armageddon Time :)

  3. dude, you should ride it to DHR meeting next month!!

  4. Thats awesome bike. Let Speed check it out. I’ll show him.

    1. Great!!! Its base was a Honda C50 (cub) Speeds and also his ratbike rival Smitty's knucklehead was a great inspration to me!