Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thursday tankday!

for my bike that is...
the Liberty tank has a stripped thread, the peanut tank is rusty inside and has no mounts, so the flamed one is on it now! Got some rusty cowbells for the front fork and scored a cool aircleaner for it, thanks to mr. MAC-LITE!


  1. ...and in need of a shovelhead!

  2. Excellent! Just sayin, respectthepanda respects zzchop! Thanks for all the great posts. We posted a link to your blog on ours.

  3. Like the new look, wanna hear the sound soon... A little back to your Ragbak roots, T? What with the big noise, fluidleaks and mattblack paint?

    Be sure to document all these looks of your bikes man. In a little while you can publish a 500 page book on bike styling! Rock on!

  4. @heroin: thanks man, the respect is likewise!

    @Bart: you're back without the flu!?? a lot of stuff happened while you were away, if you have the chance, pop by Tjeerd's place!