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well boys and girls, it seems like I'm no longer on Facebook. they wanted me to send in copies of my ID and I'm not sure if thats a good idea!
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

restoring is boring!

F*cking up stuff is much more fun!
this was a shiny chrome repro cateye dash a day ago!
Been busy with some paint & a secret formula to get it this nasty. Pretty good eh!?


  1. very nasty indeed! looks much cooler than a chrome dash! Can you give a hint of that rather good secret formula? ;)

  2. been working on the formula for years you know!
    This shit is addictive, maybe the whole bike gets the treatment!?? It's not as gay as sanded matt black with see thu patches of red oxide primer I hope!??

  3. Looks like you used it on your keyboard too :-))
    and also like your formula works dude...
    See ya this weekend?

  4. I would guess it was done with salt acid?

  5. -no acid was used in harming this part!!!!

    -yes, you're right, fake patina sucks.

    -see you on sunday Cheapo!

  6. goe gedaan gozer

    nou ik nog proberen