Sunday, March 28, 2010

Good times...

pic from a couple of years ago, me and mr. Magic got shot by the Flyin Dutchie for Bigtwin magazine. The day that my carbs blew off for about 10 times!!!


  1. the carbs on my xs650 used to blow off at the worst possible times. one time, i had just finished filling the tank and someone came out of the gas station to look at my bike. i kick started it and the right carb blew right off. perfect timing. if those things are too lean, the carb not only spits back but simply shoots right off. lot's of fun.

  2. yeah! same thing happened at the day of the photoshoot, filled her up, kicked it over and boom! fell right on the street!

  3. Yep, i´m allso riding xs and have had same troubles, with a lot of laughing. Now i´m running mikuni vm34 and the shit runs great!
    Been diggin a lot of yours blog, lovin the tuesdays tank shit, painting for life myself.

  4. Heya! hi dudes, I have an xs650 too, I have some problems adjusting my carbs!

    I invite you to check my little bobber:

    Cya later and ride safe!