Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr. Magic's Dresser deformation!

from full dresser to how it sits now!

Can't wait to see it evolve some more, what a trip it has been so far!


  1. Man, thats loads better...
    Whats with all the Camper vans??...

  2. that's at my dayjob! check em out

  3. I guess I'm getting old, but in this case, I liked it better before. I'm all for chopping, but why do it to a nice original Liberty Edition when there's so many chopped clunkers or parts to build from?

  4. I understand what you mean Chris, but sometimes the urge of chopping is too big!
    Besides, here in Holland there are still plenty of o.g. shovelheads. And there hardly seems to be any interest in em (yet!)

  5. I liked the FIRST PIC gotta be kidding me...Stock BEAUTY to that???? Misaligned priority there!