Sunday, December 20, 2009

Bozo's Choppers, Imperial Beach, CA

Somebody lives near there? does it still stand?
Thanks to Carl for uploading these to his Flickr account


  1. i heard of this place i live in Imperial beach and the store is gone i know the chariot mc hung out there back in the day

  2. I used google maps street view and it looks as if the building is gone and turned into something else (a bank maybe?) I accidentally found the pictures years ago when I googled the San Diego chariots MC. My dad is Sonny in some of the photos. If anyone out there knew him or has pictures or stories to share I'd love to know! My mom was pregnant with me (7 months along) when my dad was killed in an accident in imperial beach... I never got to know him but have heard stories from some friends of his and any info would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks. My name is Leslea and my email is