Monday, November 30, 2009

Mirror find

Recently Mr. Magic found a crescent mirror at our fav. HD junkyard, and we both were super stoked to find such a chopper rarity these days. Then came the DiCE mag in the post....
Even these mirrors are being reproduced these days... saw an ad in the mag by Westeagle.

Such a bummer that even an illusive part like this is being made again, or is it? I'm not sure if it is a bad thing really. It's just like the Aris headlight, a part like that is losing it's charm once it's being reproduced I guess. Then I just lose interest & don't care anymore.

What's your vieuw on the subject?


  1. I run oen of those mirrors on my 42 knuckle, I've been searching for over 20 years trying to find the matching mirror for the other side..


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