Thursday, October 22, 2009

Spindlemount invader wheels!??

Interesting wheel for old Veedubs, a brand called "jackman" supposedly made them in the 1970s. Has anyone more info on these?


  1. Those wheels were popular for sandrails in the late 1970s and early 1980s. To my knowledge they never appeared on street-driven cars at the time, and I have studied a lot of VW history (among other things I have every Hot VWs in binders to the 1960s when it was called Dune Buggies, the Fun Car Journal).

    If they are real Jackman wheels they will have a stylized J stamped on them somewhere. I doubt they are actually Jackman, though; I never saw a Jackman ad or an article that called those wheels Jackman. The spindle-mount wheel that Jackman made had flat spokes like the other wheels in the catalog (they were all cut from flat plate).

    They are a lot like the motorcycle wheels that Invader made, though. I know that Invader motorcycle wheels cost a lot more than the sandrail wheels I have seen advertised, so I doubt that those wheels were made by Invader.

  2. interesting info Chris, I'm trying to imagine what's it like to drive a car on the street with only rear brakes... that must be the sketchiest thing ever!
    you know your VW stuff too man, really amazing!
    I'm beginning to get a crush for some Appliance wheels, even though I haven't got a VW no more! Just what i need, another hobby!!!

  3. My papa was the owner of jackman wheels and for sure thoes are not jackman wheels.Subru used them for like 5 years.

  4. Jackman wheels had the logo stamped on them.They did not make them for motarcycles.They made 5 and 8 rim wheels.The place were they made is located in elcone and has blue tile falling off.And they had a center hub cap.

  5. I would like to buy those wheels!!

  6. I have a pair of wheels just like those that still have barely legible Invader logos on them. They were mounted on a Sandrail when I picked them up.