Sunday, May 3, 2009

Wild weekend! The Grease Maniac party 2009

at the rendez-vous with Magic M, Panic, Case, Sik on the bikes, the cardboard heroes and Patrick with the support cars

Warm welcome at the showground by "machine gun" Philip

Jeroen's outstanding Ironhead chopper with bone breaking abillities...

Get well soon dude!

Sjofel's bike with new El Cheapo paint (under construction) Invading a small Dutch village

Rigid Hips Holland

reminder: do not try this in a dusty garage!

Magic Martin's sporster

uhhh o!, it's a shovel! super nice ride built in a couple of months from garbage!
Jeroen's bike again, awesome detailed bike...
Sik's rigid shovel, real homemade chopper, you should see him riding this thing, awesome!

Sub's 1942 750
Knukkel's "hand start" knuckle and Case's bike in the foreground. No fake bob-jobs here

Sinnersteel's Panhead, more mod's coming soon
Party pics coming tomorrow

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  1. Nothing beats a ride and a party with some friends!Weekends like this rule bigtime!

    See ya next time, Sik