Thursday, July 4, 2024


Man, what a cool bike. 



  1. the red on the backing plate looks good,

  2. I believe this to be the old Motor Mouse shovel pan chassis with a Knuckle stuffed in it which was built at Tom Burke's B&O cycles in the early 70's. in Long Beach, CA. That appears to be the same Dick Allen fork it had on it too! The front shape of the tank gives it away. Mouse worked form Walt Disney.

    1. Wow that is great! That front tank section is pretty unusual indeed. I'd love to see how it was back then. Or was it always painted this red color?

  3. Always that red color but it had "motor mouse"in script on the tank sides near the front. Easily removed over the years. It was featured in an article in one of the period chopper mags and was on the cover with the shovel/pan installed..