Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Survivor chop

 Great colors


  1. I love it. it needs a small rectangular RED glass tail light that is not very deep so not to protrude outward much, mmmkay. then install a cast brass vintage tag frame under the tail light. darkened aged brass eagles tag frame. the seat cover could have dark orange and dark blue velvet diamonds on top, all the way up the back rest. the sided of the seat can be DARK cranberry red THICK corduroy. the piping and thread can be day-glow orange. a thick loose piping with hemp rope inside. then waxthe entire bike by fingr and rag with Mother's Cleaner Paste Wax while smoking cigarettes and recreational concentrates and coffee. display at bike shows DO NOT TOUCH sign.

    1. Haha! it is so much fun to visualize in your mind on what a certain bike could evolve into! You've got it thought out in detail my friend!!!