Sunday, August 27, 2023

Survivor chopper from Brooklyn!

 Killer BSA chopper with a Tracy body sent in by Keith, thanks man!!!


  1. I would clean and polish and wax it for free, making it look brand new in pics from 20 foot away. park it in my living room on a yellow carpet rug forever display safe and warm and dry. if I had a giant bike museum it would be free admission and free food and La-Z-boy recliners so you can relax while looking at the bikes. recliners on a slow moving platform taking you around on a tour of the museum. tour recording heard in the museum- "now we are moving past some bikes found in dirty ol Brooklyn, this one was first seen on the dirty ol ZZchop blog " . thank you for visiting, come back soon, don't make me mad.

    1. Sounds like "mouseville" from the movie "the Green mile", but then for chopperfreaks! haha!!! That would be so cool