Sunday, August 22, 2021

The Electric chair Indian chopper

 Is found after 50 years under a tarp. It's old news already, but it's new to me!!!
Full story soon in Dice Magazine apparantly!


  1. I have an original color photo I took of it at the LA custom car show in 1968 or 69. At the same show was Roth's Crosley powered C-cab Trike. Which as been owned by Tedd's V-Twin for many, many years along with his Candy Wagon trike. I have that photo as well. Love the survivors.

    1. That is so cool, some pictures I've seen from shows in those years were amazing. All the colourful customs, hotrods and choppers all under one roof. And seeing this bike in person when it was just built had to be amazing as well!??
      Very glad this one surviuved in such good condition all those years!
      Yeah survivors rule!!!