Sunday, May 30, 2021

Killer Kawasaki survivor



  1. there is a chrome bar/support going from frame, across shock, to lower rear fender. front of a car in the background is not part of it. whatever that is, it is interesting. the Meguro motor and mufflers and big front drum and the rest of the bike is great. gray cables are important on this bike. I recommend the seat be recovered in this vinyl that matches similar to the paint-
    also install these grips-

    1. Nice to read that you have gave it some thought! I like to do that too!
      The chrome bar might be to distance some saddlebags? Or may be a leftover from the original (and longer) rear fender?
      Lovin the grey cables too! a big must have on a vintage Japanese bike!
      Nice call on the vinyl and grips!!!!