Thursday, July 28, 2011

New look for 1981!

the latest in period correct-ness from the 1980s! After the dresser overkill I really wanted to go back to the slimmer form of a chopper. I got lucky in finding this set of tanks, which were hanging from some guys rafters for a looong time. They're og paint 1981 3.5 gallons probably from a low rider model. If you flip thru a hog-mag from the early 80s, you'll find a lot of bikes running these decals on their tanks. Mostly on then stock bikes, but these stickers were popular on choppers too. Probably because of their close resemblence to the colors of a certain motorcycle club!
It really is a weird combination to drive,
I think the trail is a bit off with the adjustable trees, small 16 inch wheel and the overstock forks... Or I'll just have to get used to it!
These really are my favorite Harley decals, they scream 1980s badassness!

Back in the batcave!

with a big thanks to NICEMC for the inspiration!

And ofcourse thanks for the sticker MACK!!!

Better then that gay full dresser shit right!!??
(mr. Magic please don't respond!!! haha)


  1. Very cool, love the bars and the tank!

  2. I love it! I just put a blue metallic cable cover on my clutch cable similar to your brake one, and yeah Mack rules he sent me swastika reflectors for nothing! Those tanks rule

  3. i gotta hand it to you again, always 1 decade ahead of the game!