Saturday, February 20, 2010

saturday shake-up!

Finally after 3 months of snow, the roads are black again! Time to get the 76 FX back to base since it had a slumberparty at my friends place.
The electric start ofcourse didn't work, so kickin it was the only option!
Leaking like the Exxon Valdez through the ball bearing in the oilpump, it was time to give it a go, with some new (old) bars for a nice uncomfortable riding position!


Is that oil trail mine!??


safe and sound!

Uh oh... what's that in the left upper corner...

It's tha police!!!!!

"Is that thing driveable?" and "wear you helmet stupid!" were some of the remarks when I was sent on my way. I guess I'll be seeing them again in the near future!


  1. No ticket? Lucky cunt!
    (your bikes are always leaving their mark at 'Hoorn'..)
    What is that on the C&C pick up??? New logo???
    Great story and pics!
    See you soon... I hope...


  2. You lucky bastard! ;)