Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I've bought this sweet cast tank a couple of months ago on Ebay, and because of the heavy weight I let the seller (fellow JJer) ship it to the shipping company in California my employer uses to ship cars to us in the Netherlands. Some other stuff I bought before has arrived already, so I'm very afraid that this one will be lost forever. I've contacted the seller and he said he shipped it... my shipper hasn't seen it... DAMN it
This one should have been the tank to end all tank hoarding on my part! It's so f*cking cool it hurts!
If anyone out there finds it or knows where it is, please contact me, and there will be a REWARD!


  1. thats a shame, its gorgeous! does the seller give you the tracking number from his shipment to your shipping company? can/will he prove it really shipped and was signed for???

    i hope you find it! good luck!

  2. That fuckin sucks! That has to be one of the baddest tanks ever

  3. Nice score, really one of a kind.
    Sad to hear about thats lost but i´m down with mq01 about that trackin nro.

    -JUDE Finland

  4. Anthony is a stand up guy and his word is bong.
    you can trust him.
    and I have seen that tank and it blew my mind.
    it probably weighs 25 pounds, lol.